10 Million New Customers Tried Amazon Prime Over the Holidays

Despite raising the price earlier this year, Amazon’s Prime service was very popular over the holiday season. The online emporium this week said over 10 million new members tried Prime during a “recording-breaking” season, with customers no doubt after Amazon’s free two-day shipping (among other great perks). Looking back at my past orders, my activity was particularly high during November and December, because I hate going to the store and, well, free two-day shipping!

Multiply those ten million customers by $99, and that’s a lot of dough for Amazon; it almost makes up for the company’s Fire Phone disaster. Almost. Aside from the two-day shipping benefits, Prime also includes Instant Video, Prime Photos, Prime Pantry, Amazon Elements and much, muuuuuuuuuuch more. The company has provided several “fun facts” about what devices in particular were popular this holiday season, from Amazon Fire TV Stick to cowboy boots.

Some other popular items include the Fire HD 7, Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray, GoPro HERO4 Silver, Amazon Basics cables, Chromebooks and other various items. I purchased my fair share of stuff through Amazon this year, and even though the service is a bit more expensive, I still think it’s worth the $99; it definitely came in handy over the holiday period.

To see what customers were buying (and some other fun facts), check out the source link below. Prime has become one of those invaluable services, like a Spotify or Netflix, that we just can’t live without these days.