2014′s Top YouTube Videos Include a Devil Baby and Mutant Spider Dog

YouTube has released its annual retrospective for the year that was, a look back at the platform’s most popular videos and personalities in 2014. The mashup is comprised of some of YouTube most popular stars: Pewdiepie, Action Movie Kid, Aichi Ono, AmazingPhil and more. There are a lot of famous faces on display, backed by a catchy tune mixed by DJ Earworm. There’s not much to the actual video itself—stars parading around while lip synching the best music from this year. But it’s catchy, fun, light-hearted.

In addition to the mashup video, YouTube also reveals the top trending videos for 2014. Videos like Mutant Giant Spider Dog, FIRST KISS, iPhone 6 Bend test, and more. A lot of the best music videos are also revealed. Katy Perry’s Dark Horse sits at number one, while Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off took the number eight spot. Looking through my YouTube history, I’ve watched quite a few videos this year. Here’s a recent favorite.

To see the full list of YouTube stars that appear in the video, head to the source link below. I didn’t realize how out of touch I really am, because I only recognized a few YouTubers that made the cut. YouTube says that 2014’s top ten trending videos for this year garnered hundreds of millions of views from creators with more than 21 million cumulative subscribers. Pretty astonishing just how popular the platform is. For what it’s worth, Pewdiepie, who is the first face we see in the rewind video, has more than 32 million subscribers on his own.