Amazon Appstore Sneaks Onto Android Inside Another App

Amazon’s Appstore already comes pre-installed on the company’s own Fire OS devices and even the BlackBerry Passport, but until recently there was no direct way to get the competing app store running on a regular Android device. That changed last month when Amazon rolled out an upgraded version of its official Android app, though it took six weeks for anyone to notice the difference.

The update, which also added Prime Instant Video streaming, includes a section called Apps & Games which is packed with every single app Amazon has to offer. The addition was spotted by TechCrunch on Friday over a month after it first appeared. It works pretty seamlessly, though you need to head into Android security setting and enable “unknown sources” first.

It might not seem like a big deal, but we’re curious to see how Google responds. We doubt there’s anything the search giant can do about Amazon’s latest trick, though that doesn’t mean Google will be happy to hear the news. In the meantime it’s actually a big win for Android users. Amazon’s Appstore has made a pretty regular tradition out of giving away paid apps for free, and now it should be easier than ever to take advantage of the company’s generosity.