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Apple Didn’t Actually Gets Its Start in a Garage, Woz Says


Apple, one of the most valuable companies on earth, got its start in a garage. At least that’s the story we all know, and the one that’s likely inspired hundreds of other companies to launch their first products. The truth isn’t quite as simple, though, at least according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Speaking to Bloomberg Businessweek in a recent interview, Woz revealed that Apple’s first computer wasn’t actually built in a garage. Here’s the full quote:

The garage is a bit of a myth. We did no designs there, no breadboarding, no prototyping, no planning of products. We did no manufacturing there. The garage didn’t serve much purpose, except it was something for us to feel was our home. We had no money. You have to work out of your home when you have no money.

So there was a garage, and while it might have served as Apple’s headquarters in theory it wasn’t where the bulk of the work got done. It turns out Woz actually designed and built the first Apple computer at his Hewlett-Packard cubicle. “That was an incredible time,” he said. “It let me do a lot of side projects.”

You can check out the whole interview, which focuses on Apple’s early days, via the source link below for even more insight into how the company got started.