Apple Highlights the iPad Air 2′s Many Uses In New ‘Change’ Ad

Apple has rolled out another fancy ad for the new iPad Air 2, this time focusing on its impressive versatility. The one-minute clip, titled “Change,” shows the device being used by music artists, chefs, engineers, product designers, and even skateboarders.

Like all Apple ads, the new iPad Air 2 spot is fun and upbeat, with a catchy soundtrack and plenty of shots of users having fun with their tablet. It also sports a cool letterbox effect that slowly gets thinner and thinner throughout the clip until it resembles the iPad itself.

A new page that goes alongside the ad has been added to the iPad Air 2 section of Apple’s website, and it explains how the device is being used to help professionals in all kinds of industry’s. “From the studio to the classroom, the field to the garage, it’s helping people discover new and better ways to do the things they love,” Apple says. “Imagine what you’ll do with it.”

The page lists all of the iPad apps that appear in the clip, including Tayasui Sketches, iStopMotion, Codea, Adobe Lightroom, and many more — all of which get a brief description and an App Store link. A couple of games – Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders and Touchgrind 2 – are also included, as well as a link to the soundtrack, “Who Needs You” by The Orwells.

The “Change” ad is similar to the “Your Verse” campaign that Apple launched for the original iPad Air, which again showed how the device was being used for work and play in a whole host of different environments. It follows the original “Reveal” ad that was released back in October shortly after the iPad Air 2′s unveiling.