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Apple Music app launches June 30

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Apple unveiled its new music streaming service on Monday at WWDC. You can try it for yourself starting June 30 for $9.99 per month. It will be available then on iOS, OS X and Windows, with an Android version coming this fall.

Apple Music is a pretty impressive new service, packing in 24/7 radio, smart playlists and the ability to follow artists. Of course, you can also search and stream through the millions of tracks available on iTunes.

The new app also includes a “For You” section that offers up recommendations for what to listen to. Apple notes that it isn’t using an algorithm. Instead, real humans and music experts are making the suggestions.

Apple’s new radio station, called Beats1 is being helmed by popular DJ Zane Lowe, who’s well known for pushing new music to the masses and interviewing great artists. He’ll be joined by a couple other DJs in LA and NY to keep things going all day and night.

Finally, Connect is a place where artists can push photos, videos, music and more to their followers. It features integration with Facebook, Twitter and each artist’s official website. The entire thing looks pretty good, offering a scrolling view of updates from all your favorite musicians.

Apple Music definitely faces some tough competition from entrenched rivals like Spotify and Google, but we’re excited to try Cupertino’s new service for ourselves.