Apple-1 Sells For Record $905,000

If you think the new iMac with Retina display is expensive, then get a load of this. Reutersreported on Wednesday that an early Apple-1 computer recently sold for a record $905,000 at auction. Sounds like a lot for a 38-year old computer, so what makes it so special? For one, the Apple-1 was the brainchild of […]

Apple Pay: Here’s a Huge List of Banks That Will Support It

Apple Pay has been live for a few days now, and despite at least one major speed bump it’s been a pretty smooth roll-out overall. Of course, you can only use Apple’s mobile payments service if your bank supports it. Thankfully, during its iPad and iMac event last week, Apple also said that it has already established […]

Android 5.0 Face Unlock Could Finally Replace Your Passcode

Apple may have perfected the fingerprint scanner with its Touch ID technology, but Google might just have an equally powerful security feature hidden inside its Android 5.0 Lollipop update. An improved version of Android’s face unlock technology might finally convince you to use the feature instead of a regular passcode. Spotted by Android Police, the new […]

Blackphone-Maker Ready to Launch a Super-Secure Tablet

Silent Circle made headlines earlier this year when it launched the Blackphone, a privacy-focused handset that runs a heavily modified version of Android. Now the company is gearing up to launch a second device for paranoid gadget fans, promising to unleash a super-secure tablet “soon.” Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, company co-founder Jon Callas said Silent Circle is […]

Apple Knew About iCloud Vulnerabilities Long Before Attack

In a recent interview with Charlie Rose on PBS, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the iCloud breach that leaked private celebrity photos wasn’t necessarily a security flaw on Apple’s side, but rather the result of a targeted phishing scheme. The company has since activated two-factor authentication to help boost the security of iCloud, but […]

Apple Reveals the Top 10 Reasons for App Rejection

Apple has finally shed some light on why some iOS apps don’t make it into the App Store by revealing the top 10 reasons why app submissions were rejected during a 7-day period ending on August 28. The list includes reasons like misleading or irrelevant names, descriptions, or screenshots; and messy or complex user interfaces.