BBM Update Lets You Unsend Embarrassing Messages

BlackBerry is rolling out an update for BBM that promises to add some useful new features. The upgraded messaging app should be available across all supported platforms by the end of the day.

The best new feature may be Message Retraction, which lets you recall an embarrassing message before anyone else sees it. BBM is also getting timed messages, which seems inspired by Snapchat and the resulting wave of copycat products. The new feature lets you share text and pictures for a limited time before they self-destruct. BlackBerry is also making it easier to send high-definition photos and added a new Discover Music option that lets you see what your friends and contacts are listening too from inside the messaging app.

These new features should be a welcome experience for current BBM users and the ability to recall messages might even attract some new users. That’s something we’re still not seeing with most messaging apps, and we’re interested to see how well it works.