Blackphone to Launch Store With Apps That Don’t Spy on Users


Blackphone, often billed as the world’s most secure smartphone, recently announced its own app store. The apps will be individually vetted by the Blackphone team, CEO Toby Weir-Jones explained to The Guardian recently, which will make sure that the apps are only asking for appropriate permissions. That means you won’t find games unnecessarily asking for your location or your microphone, simply only to turn around and use that data to sell to advertisers.

The goal, Weir-Jones told The Guardian, isn’t to create another store that will compete with Google Play or the iTunes App Store, but rather one where owners of its phones know that they can turn to find apps that aren’t snooping on them. As such, it likely won’t populate with games. “We’re much more interested in a private marketplace with quality apps with things that have a broad alignment with our privacy and security focus,” Weir-Jones said, adding that it wants to cater to an audience focused on privacy and usability of quality apps, adding that most of its customers are probably going to be enterprise users.

The Blackphone app store is set to launch in January, Weir-Jones said.