Android App Updates Will Stop Getting In Your Way

Some time in the near future, pesky app updates on Android will stop getting in the way. Google announced a bevy of new features at its Android Dev Summit and one of those features addressed the way app updates work. It was part of its Android App Bundle that gives developers tools they can use for their apps, […]

YouTube Music official, set to eventually replace Google Play Music

The new music streaming service from Google is here. Following months of speculation, the company confirmed that Google Play Music will no longer be its flagship for serving up tunes on any device. YouTube Music will launch later this month, and eventually it’ll become the sole product offered by Google.

Amazon will take on iMessage with new ‘Anytime’ messaging app

Amazon is working on a new “Anytime” service that plans to take on the likes of Apple iMessage. The retail giant has begun asking customers what they would like to see from a new messaging app, which promises to incorporate texts, video chat, and “a whole lot more.”

Chrome for Android now supports PIP, but you probably can’t use it

One of the most exciting features Android O is set to bring to the table is support for picture-in-picture (PIP) video. It’s something that’s been a part of Android TV since Nougat, but will finally make its way to smartphones and tablets with the next major build of the open-source operating system.

Microsoft’s new cloud clipboard lets you paste from a Windows 10 PC to an iPhone

Microsoft is unveiling a new cloud clipboard service today at the company’s Build developers conference in Seattle. While the software maker has been experimenting with a variety of clipboard services, it has finally settled on one that will be implemented directly into Windows 10. The new cloud-powered clipboard will let Windows 10 users copy content […]

Google updates Search app with a new web app launcher

Google puts the utmost importance on keeping its apps updated with the best features possible. Just last week it updated its Motion Stills app to fix an annoying Live Photos quirk, and today, according to The Verge, it’s updating its Search app with a web app launcher. The new feature is being called “tappable shortcuts” […]

You can now stream small video attachments in Gmail

If you open up Gmail on your PC today and have a short video waiting for you in your inbox, you should notice that it’ll go ahead and play directly in your browser, eliminating the need to download it to your hard drive and open it with a media player.

Google Play Store updates inbound

A new Google Play Store update is on the horizon. Google is constantly working to improve the experience for Android users who use the Google Play Store to purchase apps. Just last week, for example, Google announced that it’s making changes to help prevent fraudulent apps and reviews. More is coming.

Snapchat tricked by scammers into revealing employee information

Snapchat posted a public apology to its employees this weekend, confirming the company had fallen for a phishing scam that revealed internal payroll information. The scammers apparently sent an email to Snapchat’s payroll department impersonating the company’s Chief Executive Officer and requesting employee information. It worked, unfortunately. Snapchat noted that its servers weren’t breached, but some […]

Aww: Twitter replaces stars with hearts

This is an announcement that might have made a bit more sense on Valentine’s Day. Twitter on Tuesday announced that it’s switching its “Favorites” icon on Vine and Twitter from a star to a heart. Previously, if you liked something someone said, or maybe just wanted to save it for later, you’d “favorite” the post […]