Apple News boasts 40 million users after less than two months

Since Apple launched its new Apple News service in iOS 9 last month, it has already attracted more than 40 million users, company CEO Tim Cook has confirmed. That figure is even more impressive when you consider Apple News is currently only available in three countries. News, which replaces the Newsstand app on iPhones, iPads, […]

‘XcodeGhost’ malware found in hundreds of popular iOS apps

Who said iOS isn’t affected by malware? Researchers have discovered a new infection dubbed “XcodeGhost” that has made its way into hundreds of popular iOS apps, including titles like WeChat and CamCard, that could leave millions of users at risk. XcodeGhost makes its way into iOS apps through an infected version of Xcode, Apple’s software development tool for building iOS […]

Instagram now supports landscape and portrait photos

It’s the end of an era for Instagram. The Facebook-owned app announced on Thursday that it will allow you to share pictures and videos in landscape and portrait, instead of forcing every image into a perfect square. Until now, pictures uploaded to Instagram had to fit into a square. It gave the app a unified and […]

Apple Music subscription numbers revealed

In its first month on the market Apple Music has racked up 11 million customers for its free trial, the company told USA Today. Just 2 million of those subscriptions are for family plans, according to Apple’s chief of Internet software and services Eddie Cue. Of course, Apple won’t make any money off those subscriptions […]

Apple blocks iOS beta users from submitting App Store reviews

After rolling out its fourth iOS 9 beta on Tuesday, Apple blocked beta users from submitting App Store reviews. Attempting to do so throws up an error message that reads, “You can’t write reviews while using a prerelease version of iOS.” iOS developers have long been unhappy about receiving bad reviews from beta testers, who install […]

Google Play now offers Android users a ‘Free App of the Week’

Google has launched a “Free App of the Week” promotion in Google Play that gives Android users the chance to get their hands on a paid title free of charge. The offer is part of Google’s new Family section, so you can expect all giveaways to be child-friendly. The offer is similar to that Apple […]

Xcode 7 allows anyone to side-load apps onto their iOS devices

Apple’s latest Xcode 7 update comes with a new policy that allows anyone to build and side-load apps onto their iOS devices. This opens the door to unauthorized iOS apps, such as emulators, which Apple has previously tried so hard to block. The change gives anyone who downloads Xcode — which is totally free — the […]

Swift 2 announced, will be open source

[metaslider id=2020] Apple just announced Swift 2, an updated and now open source version of its programming language. Swift 2 will be available for iOS, OS X and Linux. Swift 2 includes a ton of improvements, including an error handling model, markdown in comments, availability checking, protocol extensions and a migrator from Swift 1.2 to the […]

Apple “News” is a beautiful iOS reading app

Apple just announced News, an app designed to read interactive articles on your iOS device. The app looks pretty similar to a number of readings apps, though it offers the option for media companies to build articles specifically for News. Apple also includes a favorites tab for tracking your top articles. The app is also […]