Apple Watch watchOS will bring native apps

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage briefly to kick off the WWDC 2015 developer conference on Monday. During his opening comments, Cook said Apple will discuss OS X, iOS and briefly provided an update on the Apple Watch. Cook confirmed that Apple will release tools for watchOS that will enable developers to create native […]

Google Tone for Chrome lets you share links with a sound

[metaslider id=1855] Google may be a massive billion dollar company, but it’s still a place where weird ideas can come to fruition. Case in point: Google Tone, a new Chrome extension that lets you share a link with anyone nearby using the speakers in your computer.

Apple to stop supporting AOL logins for iTunes, App Store and more

Apple has long allowed users to sign into iTunes, the App Store, and other online services using their AOL accounts rather than an Apple ID, but as of March 31, that’s going to stop. Fortunately for those affected, it’s easy to convert your existing AOL login.

Dropbox is now much more useful under iOS 8

The latest version of Dropbox for iOS makes the app much more useful under Apple’s latest software by finally giving users the ability to upload files from inside their favorite apps. Dropbox version 3.7 now boasts an Active Extension that adds a “Save to Dropbox” option to the share menu inside of third-party apps in […]

Apple now allows iOS apps to be up to 4GB in size

In case you needed another reason to steer well clear of iOS devices with just 16GB of storage, Apple is now allowing developers to submit apps and games up to 4GB in size to “provide a more complete, rich user experience upon installation.”

There’s A New Vine App Just for Kids

But how far down the rabbit hole do you let them go? The Internet can be a scary place, so you can’t just hand them a phone and let them go crazy. Platforms like Vine can be incredibly entertaining, but a lot of content on there isn’t suitable for younger audiences. So thank goodness the […]

Tweetbot for Mac Pulled After Reaching Twitter’s Token Limit

Tweetbot has long been one of the Mac’s best third-party Twitter clients, but thanks to Twitter’s dreaded token limit, that’s no longer the case. The app was pulled from the Mac App Store this weekend after new users were prevented from logging in.

Facebook Messenger Brings Voice Transcription to Some Users

Facebook has begun testing a new Messenger feature that allows users to read transcriptions of the voice messages they send and receive. It’s ideal for keeping up with the conversation when you can’t listen in, but it’s only available to a small few for now.

Google Brings Chrome Remote Desktop App to iOS

Controlling your Mac or PC from your iPhone and iPad doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With Chrome Remote Desktop, which is now available on iOS for the first time, setup is both incredibly simple and completely free.

SwiftKey Reveals the Most Popular Phrases of 2014

SwiftKey is one of the most popular third-party keyboards on the market, giving the company a pretty good sense of what we’re all talking about at any given time. That doesn’t mean SwiftKey is spying on your personal conversations, but by crunching all that data together it can get a pretty good idea of what […]