Project AirGig, AT&T’s next step towards 5G, will enter testing this fall

AT&T announced on Tuesday that it will begin publicly testing its “Project Airgig” technology, which takes advantage of broadband over powerlines (BPL) and other technologies to provide multi-gigabit speeds to its users, by this fall. The deployment is part of AT&T’s 5G preparation. AT&T said that it’s currently in “advanced discussions” with power companies ahead […]

Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

Microsoft said Monday morning that it will acquire the social network LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, or $196 per share. That’s a nice premium over the company’s share price, which is currently floating around $131 before the opening bell. The deal is an all-cash transaction. “LinkedIn will retain its distinct brand, culture and independence,” Microsoft said in […]

Bitcoin creator Craig Wright steps from the shadows – It was me, I created Bitcoin

The creator of Bitcoin has, for as long as I can remember, been known as a secret “Satoshi Nakamoto” character. Newsweek thought it found the actual “Satoshi Nakamoto” two years ago, with a major cover story that turned out to be untrue. Various news outlets, including Gizmodo and Wired, started tracking a man named Dr. Craig Wright last […]

Foxconn will take over Sharp in $3.5 billion deal

Foxconn and Sharp announced Wednesday that Foxconn will take over Sharp, an electronics and display maker, in a deal worth about $3.5 billion. Rumors have been swirling for months now that suggested Foxconn was interested in acquiring Sharp in some form. The investment will give Foxconn as a better hand in the consumer electronics market, […]

Jony Ive reveals secret design studio on this week’s “60 Minutes”

Apple headquarters is a pretty secretive place, and inside the Cupertino offices Jony Ive‘s design studio is an even greater mystery. But this Sunday we’ll get a first look at the place where new iPhones are born courtesy of 60 Minutes. The upcoming episode, in which Ive will bring Charlie Rose and his cameras inside the “secret design studio,” […]