Redbox to Raise Prices Next Year

Not long after the calendar rolls over to 2015 you’ll find the prices at your nearest Rebox kiosk have rolled over as well. Outerwall, the parent company of Redbox, announced this week that it will raise prices at its popular kiosks starting on Jan. 6, 2015. The new prices will be as follows: DVD rentals […]

Microsoft Finally Patches 19-Year Old Windows Security Flaw

Microsoft on Wednesday is officially patching a bug that existed in its Windows operating system for 19 years, according to a new report from IBM’s Security Intelligence arm. The security flaw had been present in every single version of Windows since Windows 95 was released, IBM said, noting that the bug was complex and rare. […]

Taylor Swift Can’t Keep Spotify Down – Service Hits 12.5M Subscribers

Spotify has garnered plenty of headlines recently, particularly following Taylor Swift’s decision to pull her collection of music from the streaming service, but that’s not slowing the company down. The firm said recently it now has more than 12.5 million subscribers, up from 10 million that it recorded in May of this year. Of course, […]

Twitter Unveils “Instant Timeline” for New Users and More

Today is Twitter Analyst Day, a brand new conference where the social network shares its plans for the future, and we’ve already learned a lot about where the site is headed next. The company revealed plans for an “Instant Timeline” meant for first-time visitors, along with a “While You Were Away” feature and new improvements […]

Ford Says It Could Build a Tesla Competitor

Tesla may dominate the conversation when it comes to electric cars, but according to Ford CEO Mark Fields, his company could offer an equally impressive vehicle if it wanted to. Of course Ford already sells electric vehicles, but taking on Tesla’s high-end Model Swould be another challenge entirely. Speaking during an earnings call this week, […]

Apple Pay: Here’s a Huge List of Banks That Will Support It

Apple Pay has been live for a few days now, and despite at least one major speed bump it’s been a pretty smooth roll-out overall. Of course, you can only use Apple’s mobile payments service if your bank supports it. Thankfully, during its iPad and iMac event last week, Apple also said that it has already established […]

Google Scoops Up Two Artificial Intelligence Firms

Google’s DeepMind team, founded in 2011 and acquired by Google earlier this year, recently hired members of two artificial intelligence companies that were birthed by Oxford University. The two companies are named Dark Blue Labs and Vision Factory. According to the Dark Blue Labs website, the company focuses on “learning deep structured and unstructured representations […]

Comcast’s Latest Acquisition Could Mean Smarter Wi-Fi Routers

At the moment Comcast may just be thought of as an Internet and cable company, but in the future the company may offer its own hardware and software to manage an entire house full of smart devices. TechCrunch confirmed on Monday that the Internet-provider recently acquired PowerCloud Systems and with it the technology to control your […]

Walmart Debuts Super Futuristic Electric Truck Protoype

We don’t often cover semi-trailer trucks around here (actually, I don’t think we ever have), but when we see something cool we’ll bring it to you nonetheless. Walmart recently debuted an awesome-looking futuristic truck prototype during the Mid-America Trucking Show in Kentucky. The truck you see in the picture above still runs on diesel, though […]

Pearson Buys Stake in Nook Media

Pearson publishing has made an investment in NOOK Media, the company co-founded by Barnes & Noble and Microsoft.   It seems that some folks have a lot of faith in the recently formed NOOK Media company. Pearson agreed to an $89.5 million investment in the company for a 5 percent equity stake. That places the […]