Beats planned to launch a ‘Sonos killer’ before Apple acquisition, report claims

Beats Electronics was planning to launch a Wi-Fi enabled “Sonos killer” speaker before it was acquired by Apple last year, a new report claims. The device would have allowed users to stream Beats Music directly from the Internet, but Apple squashed the idea after it ran into problems. “The product was supposed to be introduced in time for […]

HyperDrive for MacBook is a Sleek Way to Expand Your Machine’s Storage

[metaslider id=1340] HYPER has always made slick, attractive products, and its new HyperDrive for MacBook is a nice addition to the company’s portfolio. Plug-and-play-style microSD expansion cards are nothing new, but this one looks like it was made by Apple itself. It sports matching aluminum that fits perfectly with the silver of your MacBook, with […]

Kickstart This Clever New GPS Pet Tracker

There are plenty of pet trackers on the market today, but most aren’t exactly sleek or high-tech. Then there’s Pip, a new Kickstarter project that promises to deliver the ultimate pet tracker if it can hit its crowd-funding goal. There are a few reasons why Pip smokes the competition. First, it’s sleeker and smaller than […]