Fortnite is finally making its way to Android this summer

Epic Games is porting its wildly popular battle royale hit Fortnite over to Android this summer. The game, which was first available on PC before soon making it over to Xbox, PS4 and iOS, has become a sensation, breaking all kinds of records and earning a distinct place in pop culture. It is available in just about every format […]

No Man’s Sky hits Xbox this July – with proper multiplayer

No Man’s Sky hit PlayStation 4 and PC almost two years ago with a weird, hollow thud. Despite having a strong start, many gamers found themselves quickly bored of the randomly-generated worlds and frustrated by the lack of multiplayer – something game director Sean Murray hinted at during development. Now the game is getting a huge […]

Spyro Reignited Trilogy remakes the first three games in one nice bundle

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy‘s unexpected success has lit a fire under the pants of Activision to crank out more games with more beloved mascots it bought from Sony. No longer relegated to a spokesperson for Skylanders, the one and only Spyro the Dragon will be making his grand return to video games in a new bundle that […]

Sea of Thieves is Microsoft’s fastest-selling new IP this generation

Microsoft and Rare’s new pirate simulator Sea of Thieves may have struggled with us critics, but it’s a hit with gamers and Microsoft’s fastest-selling new IP with 2 million copies of the game in players hands already. “The worldwide excitement for Sea of Thieves has made it the fastest-selling first-party new IP of this generation,” said Rare studio head Aaron […]

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is coming this fall – here’s your first teaser

We’ve known for well over a year that the next Tomb Raider game would be called Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Some concept art leaked last summer, confirming that the title hadn’t changed and, in all likelihood, wouldn’t. Then, yesterday, Square Enix updated the official Tomb Raider website, accidentally embedding a release date in the site’s source code.

Xbox One’s original Xbox compatibility is still coming this year

In a whole list of cool announcements at Microsoft’s E3 show this summer, one of the coolest – even if it was pretty low key – was the announcement of original Xbox backwards compatibility coming to Xbox One. Since the announcement, though, we haven’t heard a thing.

Xbox One X pre-orders are live with the Project Scorpio limited edition

The Xbox One X was officially announced at E3 this year with a November release date. But we’ve been waiting ever since for word on when we’d be able to get our names in the hat for a pre-order. As part of its Gamescom show today, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox One X is available […]

PlayStation 4 games are now on PS Now, here’s what you can play

If you were going off of its E3 presentation this year, you’d hardly know that Sony has services and initiatives like PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Classics, and PlayStation Now, but they’re still alive and kicking. PlayStation Now, Sony’s game-streaming service, is getting a nice bump this week in the form of its very first PlayStation 4 games.