Pillars of Eternity 2 dominates crowdfunding goal in under 24-hours

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire came, saw, and conquered its crowdfunding campaign after only a single day. Developer Obsidian Entertainment went through Fig this time, as opposed to Kickstarter, and it dominated its goal of $1.1 million in under 24 hours. Unlike Kickstarter, Fig offers equity to backers, and up to $2.25 million is available through […]

Windows 10’s upcoming Game Mode will work with Steam games, too

Back in my day, when it was time to play a game, we had to exit Windows and boot into the game from a command prompt. There was no such thing as Alt-Tabbing between my game and whatever else I’d been doing on the computer. And there was no bulky, RAM-hogging Windows instance running underneath the […]

Steam hits new record at 14 million concurrent users

Steam hit a new landmark this Sunday, crossing 14 million concurrent users for the first time in its existence. It peaked at 14.2 million gamers shortly after the wrap up of the annual winter sale. Plenty of excess purchases needed to be played, I’m sure.

Burnout Paradise, Sleeping Dogs December Xbox Live Games with Gold

Each new month is a dice roll when it comes to the list of bonus games that accompany Xbox Live and PlayStation Network’s premium services. Sometimes, there just isn’t anything on offer. This month, though, the dice are on our side, with some genuinely good games on offer, including a long-awaited backwards compatibility title and […]

Xbox One getting special, Rare Achievement notifications

Ooo, shiny. Xbox LIVE’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb tweeted out news that Xbox One Preview members will get a new update today. That update includes the new Arena and Looking for Group features. It also includes some fancy, Rare Achievement notifications.