Orange is the New Black ratings revealed by Nielsen

After years of speculation, we finally have some solid numbers on just how well streaming shows do on services such as Netflix and Hulu. Speaking at the Consumer 360 conference this week in Las Vegas, Nielsen revealed ratings for some of the most popular shows on streaming services. The ratings company has been monitoring Netflix […]

Boo! Netflix begins blocking VPN users

Until now, a VPN served as an incredibly useful tool for Netflix subscribers who wanted to access content from another country – an American watching British Netflix, for example, or a traveler who wanted Netflix in an unsupported market – but that’s coming to an end. Netflix said recently that it was going to begin […]

Apple Music for Sonos arrives December 15

Sonos offers some of the best solutions for in-house audio, but it hasn’t offered support for Apple Music until now. The company announced on Monday that it will deliver support for Apple’s streaming option on December 15 through an open beta.

Apple Music Android app now available with 3-month trial

Apple Music is finally available on Android, and you can grab it now on Google Play. The new app offers almost everything included in the original iOS version, including a three-month trial that should tempt even Apple’s toughest critics.

Spotify takes on Beats 1 with new “In Residence” feature

Spotify may pride itself on data-based suggestions, but the music streaming giant isn’t above trying human curators as well. A new addition to the service called In Residence will tap famous musicians to create something similar to Apple Music’s Beats 1 Internet radio.

Plex’s media streaming app is coming to the new Apple TV

Popular media streaming platform Plex is bringing an official app to the new Apple TV. The company has confirmed it is “anxiously awaiting” Apple’s new tvOS developer beta so that it can finally get started on its new client.

tvOS announced for Apple TV based on iOS

Apple TV is getting a new operating system called tvOS based on iOS. The company says its new software makes it easy for developers to create beautiful new apps or simply update their current products for the biggest screen in your house.

Epix movie catalog moving from Netflix to Hulu

Come September, 30, the Netflix cupboard may seem a bit more bare, while on October 1 Hulu’s will seem stocked to the ceiling. It was announced on Sunday that Netflix will not be renewing its contract with Epix for its movie catalog. The cable channel is where Netflix went after it lost its deal with […]

NBC blocking Sling TV commercials on its channels

Sling TV wants everyone to know about its service, but apparently Comcast isn’t quite as excited about that idea. A new ad campaign launched this week for the Sling TV streaming service, and while some companies have been running them without issue, Comcast isn’t quite as excited. The media conglomerate owns the NBC network, and […]