Roku Adds Google Play Channel to its Lineup

In an unexpected move, Google Play has now come to all current generation Roku devices. While there have been numerous methods of getting Google Play content to your television, most of them have involved Google Devices, or other streaming solutions running some form of Android. All of that changed today however with the launch of […]

Spotify is Finally Live in Canada

Spotify, the popular music streaming service that launched back in 2008, is now officially available for music listeners in Canada. It certainly took a while for Spotify to launch in that market, at least considering that there are 57 other markets with access, but it’s better late than never, right?

Netflix to Enable Secret Streaming Mode

Netflix catalogs and analyzes every movie and episode of TV you watch, but what if you want to keep some of your guilty pleasure viewing a secret? The company has a solution with its new “Privacy Mode,” which it’s currently testing with a small subset of customers.

Netflix Adding Kill Bill 1 & 2 and Lots of Godzilla Movies in May

It’s the end of the month, and that means a new crop of movies will be available for streaming starting May 1, while an equally long list of films will be cut from the service. This month Netflix is adding both Kill Bill films, five old Godzilla flicks, and plenty of other classics to make up […]

Aereo Sold Out In New York… For Now

Aereo confirmed today that its live TV streaming service is sold out in New York for the moment. The news came from CEO Chaitanya Kanojia following a report published on DSLReports by one frustrated cord-cutter.

Netflix Adding New Movies On New Year’s Day

Starting New Year’s Day, Netflix’s library of content will be almost 100 films lighter, with some notable titles, including Top Gun, among the casualties. What’s a Netflix user to do? Fortunately, the streaming service will be adding some movies in the hopes people won’t notice the absence of such films as 50 First Dates.

Comcast Xfinity TV Go For iOS and Android to Offer 35 Live TV Channels

Comcast is preparing to launch a brand new app called Xfinity TV Go that will reportedly replace its existing Xfinity TV Player app. It will launch on Android and iOS and will offer 35 live TV channels spanning major networks. According to The Verge, which confirmed the story with a Comcast representative, the following channels will land […]

All Eight Seasons of Dexter Being Added to Netflix Beginning Oct. 31

One of the more beloved premium cable shows, Dexter, is making a triumphant return to Netflix—and all eight seasons will be included. As part of a new deal between CBS and Netflix, the serial-killer drama, which chronicled the life of Dexter Morgan as he dealt out vigilante justice, will be available for instant-streaming starting Thursday, […]

Netflix Checks Piracy Stats Before Deciding Which Shows to Buy

Ever wonder how Netflix decides what shows to buy? Well, among a myriad of factors, the company apparently looks at what’s popular on torrenting sites and goes from there. In an interview with Tweakers, Netflix VP of Content Acquisition flatout said the company looks at what does well on piracy sites when considering what shows […]