Qualcomm teaming up with internet providers to bring mesh routers to masses

Qualcomm has been working behind the scenes to make mesh routers a possibility. Its technology, after all, is what powers the Google Wifis and Eeros of the world. Its latest move is to make this technology much more accessible to casual customers by partnering up with internet providers and Plume Design Inc. to create a […]

CloudBleed bug compromises millions of sites, change your passwords now

Potentially sensitive data, including user passwords, may have been leaked after a bug was discovered in the code used by Cloudflare, a web services and security company that protects million of websites. According to Tavis Ormandy, Google’s security analyst of team Project Zero, the vulnerability supposedly left user data exposed since last September, affecting websites […]

Twitter will stream PBS’ Inauguration coverage on Jan. 20

Twitter announced that it will stream PBS’ coverage of President-elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration ceremony on January 20. This is the latest coverage offered by Twitter, which has streamed other events and even Thursday Night Football games during the season. Twitter said Thursday that the PBS coverage will be anchored by  NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff and reporters […]

Bitcoin creator Craig Wright steps from the shadows – It was me, I created Bitcoin

The creator of Bitcoin has, for as long as I can remember, been known as a secret “Satoshi Nakamoto” character. Newsweek thought it found the actual “Satoshi Nakamoto” two years ago, with a major cover story that turned out to be untrue. Various news outlets, including Gizmodo and Wired, started tracking a man named Dr. Craig Wright last […]

Facebook Music Stories: A new way to spam your friends and family

Your friends and family don’t want to just read up on your political stances, see pictures of your adventures or partake in your multilevel marketing schemes: they also want you to publish all of the music you’re listening to. At least, that’s what Facebook thinks. The social network introduced a new way to overload your […]

Facebook now alerts users of government attacks

Facebook said this weekend that it will alert users who it suspects have been the target of state sponsored attacks, or attacks by governments around the world. It’s a scary thought, that a world government might actually be trying to crack into your Facebook account, and that’s why the social network is going to extra lengths to […]

Twitter names Jack Dorsey CEO, who will also serve as CEO of Square

Twitter announced on Monday morning that, as of September 30, co-founder Jack Dorsey is the company’s new CEO. Dorsey had been serving as the interim CEO following Dick Costolo’s decision to step down from the appointment. Reports last week suggested Dorsey would take the role, though there had apparently been some concern about his involvement with Square. […]

Facebook’s Internet drones ready to take flight

Facebook announced on Thursday that its Internet-providing drones are ready to take flight. The company will begin testing the aircraft later this year in an effort to bring Internet access to hundreds of millions of people. The social network also noted that it plans to work with established Internet providers rather than compete with them. “Our intention […]

Comcast wants to offer crazy fast 10Gbps internet

Comcast already offers 2Gbps fiber Internet in some parts of the country, but the cable giant is just getting started. The company announced plans this week to start testing a new Internet service with download speeds well beyond what it currently offers. The super-fast broadband connection uses DOCSIS 3.1, which was unveiled back in 2012. It supports […]

Apple Music, Beats 1 Radio and more offline in big outage UPDATE 

Update- All back online I thought it was just me, but it isn’t. Apple Music, Beats 1 and several other Apple products are all currently offline, which means end users can’t access those services. A quick check at Apple’s System Status page reveals that several additional products, including the App Store, Apple TV, iBooks Store, iTunes […]

Control your Facebook News feed with the latest iOS update

Facebook on Thursday officially rolled out its latest iOS app that finally, finally, gives users control of what appears in their newsfeeds and what posts have priority over others. The new application allows you to go hands-on with your preferences, choosing which friends and Pages you absolutely don’t want to miss news from. Your favorites will […]