Facebook’s facial recognition software doesn’t even need to see your face anymore

Facebook doesn’t even need to see your face in order to identify who you are. Like some supernatural forensics expert, the social network’s technology has apparently become so advanced that it can use other cues—hairdo, body shape, pose, etc.—to identify individuals. That is freaky. Yann LeCun, head of artificial intelligence at Facebook, said the company […]

YouTube announces new feature to take on Twitch

After a failed attempt to snatch up Twitch last year, YouTube is moving forward with new features that bolster its own live streaming capabilities. The platform on Thursday announced a new option that will allow channels to live stream at 60fps, which is meant to make content look buttery smooth, particularly games. The new live streaming […]

Instagram launches official @music community

https://instagram.com/p/2D0UYVvWps/ Instagram on Wednesday announced a new account that will serve as an all-encompassing home for music coverage. Instagram users can now follow the @music account for photos and clips from musicians and folks who live and breathe music around the world. It reminds us of similar verticals inside of Snapchat. Instagram said the @music […]

Net neutrality scores a win in FCC vote

A proposal to protect net neutrality was approved on Thursday by the FCC in a 3-to-2 vote that could establish strict rules for the open Internet. The decision will reclassify Internet service providers under the same Title II restrictions covering phone lines, while also prohibiting paid fast lanes, throttling and more. “We cannot have a […]

Flipboard is now available on the Web

http://youtu.be/CgdU8UvwfB4 Flipboard is making the transition to the Web. The famous news reading app has primarily made a name for itself on mobile devices, but the company has adapted that experience to bigger desktop screens. The video above perfectly illustrates what you can expect. It still looks like the easy-to-navigate experience you’d find on a […]