Imgur’s New “Video to GIF” Tool is What Dreams Are Made Of

GIFs keep the Internet afloat. Without them, the world would be a horrible, frightening, hellish landscape. And while it’s fun to look at GIFs, it’s never been particularly easy to make them. Thanks to Imgur, creating a GIF is as easy and straightforward as blinking. All you need is a video clip and you’re good […]

Facebook Adds AMBER Alerts to Help Find Missing Children

[metaslider id=1380] Scrolling through Facebook is a pretty nice way to kill some time, but a new update for desktop and mobile could make it easy to do some good from your News Feed as well. The company announced on Tuesday that it’s adding location-based AMBER Alerts to help track down missing children.

Twitter Is Getting Serious About Competing With YouTube

Twitter is planning to join in on the fight against YouTube. The social networking platform said back in November that it had plans to offer its own native video service sometime in 2015, and a fresh FAQ page has revealed all the juicy details.

Startup Turns Hundreds of Vehicles into Wi-Fi Routers in Portugal

Coming to U.S. cities soon The northern Portuguese port city of Porto is now home to thelargest and most advanced vehicular Wi-Fi network in the world. The network, built by a startup that originated in the city itself but is now headquartered in California, consists of over 600 wireless router-toting vehicles — buses, cars and […]

Lack of Two-Factor Authentication to Blame For JPMorgan Cyber Attack

Two-factor authentication is important. We always recommend you have it enabled, and there are options for most of the products you use online; services such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and more all offer it, and allow you to log-in with not only a password, but a special generated code. Unfortunately for JPMorgan, the lack of […]

Microsoft and Google Join Fight to Stop Hotels From Blocking Wi-Fi

You may remember a complaint levied by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) against Marriott earlier this year, in which the FCC said Marriott was illegally blocking Wi-Fi signals using cell jammers. The hotel chain, and others, have argued that they have a right to do so, and that blocking other signals will help prevent nefarious […]

Facebook Scores Big With New NFL Partnership

  Fans of the NFL will start seeing a lot more football on Facebook in the coming days. The Wall Street Journal reports the social network has partnered with the league to show short clips in News Feeds, which will quickly be followed by ads from Verizon. The move is apparently part of Facebook’s larger video […]

Google Drive Receives Plenty of New Features

Google recently discussed several new features that are launching for its Google Drive cloud storage product, including enhancements to how users will interact with Google Drive from mobile devices and through other Google services, such as Gmail.

Google Partners With French Space Agency For Project Loon

Google has partnered with the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES), France’s space agency, as it looks to improve upon its Project Loon technology. The Internet balloons have been in testing for many months now, but even the brightest minds at Google’s X labs need help. CNES said it will contribute research to Project Loon before […]

Facebook: No Dislike Button Coming, But Maybe Something Else

If you dig what someone posts on Facebook, you can simply Like it to let them know. But what happens when someone posts bad news? Maybe you don’t want to comment, but still want to acknowledge that you’ve read the post. Facebook doesn’t really have an option for that space, but that may change soon.