Kaspersky launches free antivirus software for Windows

Following more than a year of testing in a small number of regions, Kaspersky has finally launched its free antivirus software for Windows PCs. It promises award-winning protection from infections and online safeguarding — without slowing down your system.

Android O beta is available for everyone starting today

Google unveiled the Android O beta preview a few months ago, but it was only available to developers. Starting today, it’s available to anybody. To get the beta, just got to android.com/beta and log in with your Google account. The next page will show you what devices are available.

Google Chrome will automatically switch to 64-bit on compatible PCs

Google has confirmed that its latest Chrome upgrade will automatically switch from 32-bit to 64-bit on compatible Windows machines. The latter is a much more efficient browser, with greater performance and security. However, some users simply haven’t ditched 32-bit yet.

Microsoft announces Windows 10 S to ease teaching in schools

Microsoft announced a new version of Windows 10 on Tuesday that is built specifically for use in schools. Windows 10 S is a slimmed down version of the popular operating system that narrows down what can be loaded onto the laptops by restricting users to only approved apps from the Windows Store. Should an educator […]

You can now order Starbucks using your voice from home

Ordering your Starbucks drink is easier than ever. Today, Starbucks announced the roll-out of its “on command” My Starbucks barista software. It’s included in a new update that lets you order your favorite coffee drink on your iPhone or Amazon Echo, from home, with just your voice. On the iOS app, there will a chat […]

Microsoft is streamlining its Windows 10 updates

Microsoft has announced plans to streamline its Windows 10 updates with the new Unified Update Platform. UUP cuts upgrade file sizes by around a third to make them faster to download, and it will first be available with the Creators Update next spring.

Google Assistant announced at I/O 2016

[metaslider id=3040] Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai took the stage at Google I/O 2016 on Wednesday and quickly introduced a new product called “Google Assistant.”