iOS 9 already installed on 66% of compatible devices

Apple’s latest iOS 9 software has already been installed on 66 percent of compatible devices less than three months after it made its public debut, the Cupertino company’s latest adoption figures reveal. Meanwhile, only a quarter of modern devices are still running iOS 8.

watchOS 2 now available – Time to update your Apple Watch!

Apple just released watchOS 2, the first huge update for the Apple Watch that was delayed a few days after Apple discovered a small bug. If you own an Apple Watch, this is an update you’ll definitely want to apply, since it adds a bunch of added functionality to the device, and opens it up […]

iOS 9 security flaw lets hackers bypass passcode

Over the weekend a tipster sent us a YouTube video that shows one way a would-be hacker could possibly skirt the passcode on an otherwise seemingly secure iOS 9 device. As you’ll see in the video, it’s pretty easy to execute, and could be dangerous to the security of folks who leave their phones behind […]

tvOS announced for Apple TV based on iOS

Apple TV is getting a new operating system called tvOS based on iOS. The company says its new software makes it easy for developers to create beautiful new apps or simply update their current products for the biggest screen in your house.

iOS 9 will take up just 1.3GB; iOS 8 takes up 4.58GB

Apple talked a bit about iOS 9 on Monday, when it introduced the new operating system during WWDC 2015 in San Francisco. However, it didn’t touch on some of the smaller features that might not drop as many jaws during a public presentation.

Swift 2 announced, will be open source

[metaslider id=2020] Apple just announced Swift 2, an updated and now open source version of its programming language. Swift 2 will be available for iOS, OS X and Linux.

Apple introduces multitasking for iPad

Apple’s iPad software is taking a huge step forward with multitasking, which the company just announced as a feature of iOS 9. This isn’t a feature new to tablets—we’ve seen in over on Samsung devices, and also from Microsoft. But, finally, Apple is giving iPad users the ability to run multiple apps on the same […]

Rewards cards coming to Apple Pay

[metaslider id=2001] Dunkin Donuts, Kohls, Walgreens and several other merchants are going to start add support for store cards into Apple Pay. The news was announced during WWDC 2015 in San Francisco, where Apple also revealed it’s going to replace “Passbook” with a new app called “Wallet.”

OS X 10.11 El Capitan launching this fall for free

[metaslider id=1930] The latest version of Apple’s Mac software, called OS X 10.11 El Capitan, will get a free release this fall. There’s also a beta coming in July, though the developer beta is available now.