Microsoft Sway Preview Now Available for Everyone

[metaslider id=851] Did you know Microsoft is working on a PowerPoint alternative of its own? The company first announced Sway back in Nov., but hid its new presentation software behind a long wait list. Now, the Sway Preview is finally available for everyone.

iOS 8 Now Installed on 63% of All iOS Devices

Last time we checked, iOS 8 adoption had just passed the 50 percent mark. Now, a little over a month later, Apple’s new mobile operating system is still chugging along. iOS 8 is now running on 63 percent of Apple’s mobile devices, according to the latest numbers released by the Cupertino company. Meanwhile, iOS 7′s […]

iOS 8.1.2 Released, Here’s What Changed

Apple released iOS 8.1.2 on Tuesday. The update doesn’t appear to be that major just yet, and Apple says you should notice bug fixes and a solution to a “problem where ringtones purchased through the iTunes Store may have been removed from your device.” Apple said you can restore those ringtones by visiting from […]

Apple Hosting “Hour of Code” Workshops Next Week on Dec. 11

Apple, Microsoft and a handful of other tech giants launched Hour of Code in 2013 to spur student interest in coding and computer science. Now, a year later, the program is kicking off again starting next week. Apple announced its Hour of Code schedule on Thursday, with events taking place at every Apple Store on […]

Microsoft Finally Patches 19-Year Old Windows Security Flaw

Microsoft on Wednesday is officially patching a bug that existed in its Windows operating system for 19 years, according to a new report from IBM’s Security Intelligence arm. The security flaw had been present in every single version of Windows since Windows 95 was released, IBM said, noting that the bug was complex and rare. […]

Microsoft Stops Providing Windows 7 to OEMs

Windows 8 has been available since October of 2012 but the older Windows 7 release is still going strong. In fact, if you look around online, you’ll still be able to find a new computer running Windows 7 or Windows 7 Professional. Starting today, however, the former version is officially on its last legs as Microsoft […]

Google Scoops Up Two Artificial Intelligence Firms

Google’s DeepMind team, founded in 2011 and acquired by Google earlier this year, recently hired members of two artificial intelligence companies that were birthed by Oxford University. The two companies are named Dark Blue Labs and Vision Factory. According to the Dark Blue Labs website, the company focuses on “learning deep structured and unstructured representations […]

Android 5.0 Face Unlock Could Finally Replace Your Passcode

Apple may have perfected the fingerprint scanner with its Touch ID technology, but Google might just have an equally powerful security feature hidden inside its Android 5.0 Lollipop update. An improved version of Android’s face unlock technology might finally convince you to use the feature instead of a regular passcode. Spotted by Android Police, the new […]

BBC Using the Power of Doctor Who to Teach Kids to Code

What’s the easiest way to get kids to learn something? Disguise it as something they actually enjoy doing such as playing a game. The BBC recently announced a new initiative where it will attempt to get kids interested in learning to code. This is being done in conjunction with an update to the curriculum in […]

CNN Android App Updated With Live Streaming Feed

First, we read the news through the newspaper. Then, we watched the news unfold on our TVs. Following that, we took to reading the news again on the Internet before finding ways to watching it through live streams on PCs. Now, we’ve come full circle from just reading the news on our smartphones to now […]