Halloween Asteroid to whiz past Earth next weekend

When you’re out Trick or Treating and scaring little kids to tears next weekend, a 1,300-foot asteroid will be zooming past Earth. And it’ll be relatively close, too. According to NASA scientists, it’ll hurtle past just 1.3 times the average distance between Earth and the Moon, which is only about 300,000 miles away. This is […]

Mars Opportunity Rover Is Suffering From Bouts of Memory Loss

NASA’s older, wiser, more experienced Mars rover, Opportunity, is suffering from bouts of amnesia. According to NASA project manager, John Callas, the elderly spacecraft keeps resetting itself, which the Opportunity team believes is an age-related fault. Imagine a kind of Groundhog Day scenario where the craft continuously resets its flash memory after it powers down. […]

Success! Orion Spacecraft Passes First Test on Journey to Mars

[metaslider id=782] NASA on Friday morning took one massive step toward its journey to Mars, successfully sending its Orion spacecraft farther into the cosmos than any manned ship before it. No humans were actually aboard today’s flight—it was all autonomous—but today’s test was designed to prove NASA’s technology can withstand the perils of space. I’m […]

NASA Wants to Send Plant Life to Mars By 2020

NASA doesn’t just have plans to send more robots—and maybe humans—to Mars over the next decade. The agency also wants to bring some plant life to the Martian planet in the hopes of encouraging some good old terraforming. What’s bereft of life and red all over might one day be a lush paradise. One can […]