Apple Watch wireless charging dock official, costs $80

[metaslider id=2885] Apple officially revealed its sleek new smartwatch charging dock on Wednesday, just one day after leaked images hit the Web. The new accessory will charge your device with the display facing up or at a 90 degree angle, for Nightstand mode, though it doesn’t come cheap. The new dock costs $79. It’s available to order […]

Apple Watch powered by 28nm Samsung processor

The Apple Watch has already received its customary teardown, but a new report takes a closer look at some of its miniature internal components. One interesting discovery is that the wearable’s all-new S1 chipset employs a 28-nanometer Samsung processor. Inside the tiny 26mm x 28mm S1 package, there are 30 individual components, Chipworks has found. They include […]

Microsoft building Pebble smartwatch support into Windows Phone

[metaslider id=1597]Pebble does not currently support Windows Phone or Windows 10 for phones natively. Instead, the Pebble, and even the new Pebble Time announced yesterday, were only built to support iOS and Android. That may soon change, however, with the help of internal testing at Microsoft.   WPPoweruser recently discovered an app inside of the […]

New Pebble Time smartwatch unveiled with color screen, new software (Update)

[metaslider id=1572] Pebble on Tuesday officially announced its new smartwatch, the Pebble Time. It offers plenty of new features, including a color display, and is launching on Kickstarter with orders starting at $159. The Pebble Time features a new “timeline interface,” a color e-paper display, a microphone for voice interaction, up to 7 days of […]

Pebble Sells 1 Millionth Smartwatch, New Products Coming

Pebble recently sold its 1 millionth smartwatch, according to statements made by CEO Eric Migicovsky in a recent interview with The Verge. Migicovsky also discussed his company’s plans for 2015, and how he plans to continue to fight in an increasingly crowded wearable space. Migicovsky told The Verge that Pebble will launch new products this year – though […]