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CNN Android App Updated With Live Streaming Feed

First, we read the news through the newspaper. Then, we watched the news unfold on our TVs. Following that, we took to reading the news again on the Internet before finding ways to watching it through live streams on PCs. Now, we’ve come full circle from just reading the news on our smartphones to now being able to watch live news broadcasts in the palm of our hands whenever we want.

CNN, the 24 hour news provider, has taken another step in trying to recapture its dwindling audience. Already live streaming its broadcast through the official CNN iPhone App, it has now followed suit with its official Android app, effectively making its broadcast available to just about anyone with a smartphone.

The only catch is that you must be a subscriber to basic cable in your area to access the feed.

The update also contains an amazing soundbite of James Earl Jones’ iconic introduction proudly stating that “This is CNN.” The voice was used back when CNN used to dedicate its 24-hour news service to covering important world shattering events such as the Persian Gulf War.