Double Fine’s Broken Age Gets First Trailer

A while back, Double Fine launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a brand new, classicly styled adventure game. That campaign went on to produce record breaking results, and Tim Schafer and his team went to work creating a title.

Backers of said Kickstarter were able to keep close tabs on Double Fine’s Adventure, but have been tight lipped about it at the request of the small developer. Now, those on the outside of the process are starting to catch glimpses of what the team has in store for the world.

Double Fine’s game will be called Broken Age, and it’s a love story set to span a huge gap in time. The studio released the first teaser trailer for the project today. Find it at the head of this post.

If you wish you were on the inside of this project as a backer, it’s not too late. Double Fine created their Slacker Backer program specifically with people like you in mind. $30 will get you the game, some behind the scenes access and access into the episodic documentary running alongside Broken Age‘s development.

What do you think of this adventure game’s potential?