DriveClub’s Challenge System Back Online


After a, shall we say, tumultuous launch, Sony and Evolution were forced to pick apart DriveClub‘s feature list significantly in order to make the social racer playable. Whole modes and sections had to be stripped from the game in order to deliver a stable experience, and that applied further to the collective decision to indefinitely delay the PlayStation Plus version of the game.

One of the features that fell victim to the cuts was the Challenge System. With it, players could record time trials and send them around to friends and rivals as a… well… challenge. You get the point.

Evolution has enabled the Challenge System, according to VideoGamer. The feature reactivation was not formally announced by the developer, but the aforementioned outlet did some testing and found challenges to be working as they did prior to the game’s launch.

DriveClub shipped in October of this year. After nearly two months of bad press and missing promised functionality, is the racer finally on the road to a full and proper recovery? I certainly hope so.