Evolve’s Storyline Revealed in New Trailer

2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios released a trailer that features some of the storyline action for their upcoming multiplayer shooter, Evolve. The clip, as seen above, features some of the narrative players can expect to see in the full game, along with all 12 of the hunters available in the game.

Hopefully this multiplayer storyline will be a touch more dynamic than what we got in Titanfall.

Turtle Rock also announced three new game modes for Evolve alongside this trailer. The modes are Nest, Rescue and Defend. Here’s how each of those modes are explained.

The Hunters have been called in to destroy Monster eggs that have been discovered in the area. The Alpha Monster must defend the eggs and can even hatch one to gain a Goliath minion to fight at its side. The round ends when one team is eliminated, or all of the eggs and minion are destroyed.

The Hunters are called in for a search and rescue mission. A Monster has attacked the facility and is still in the area, and groups of colonists have fled into the wilderness. Hunters need to locate, revive and lead each group of survivors to a rescue shuttle. The round ends when the majority of survivors have been either rescued or killed.

The transport ship is loaded with civilians and fueling up. A horde of Goliath minions led by a Stage 3 Alpha Monster attempts to destroy the fuel pad, which is protected by two reinforced walls, each powered by a generator. The hunters defend the generators and fuel pad until the ship can finish fueling. If the ship finishes fueling or the Alpha Monster is killed, the Hunters in. If the generators and fuel pad are destroyed, the Monster wins.

Finally, Evacuation will be available for sampling before the game’s launch. The new mode will be playable exclusively on the Xbox One in Evolve‘s open beta currently slated for January of 2015. More details about that specifical beta “will be announced soon.”

Evolve will release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms on February 10th, 2015. We’ll have more on the game and its upcoming beta as we have it.