Facebook Revamps Slingshot App To “Share Life As It Happens”

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Snapchat is too big, too popular to ever be toppled. And yet, Facebook is still trying its hardest to come up with a viable competitor. Slingshot, an app that never really gained traction when it was first released, has been re-built to take on that challenge. The “new Slingshot” is Facebook’s way of allowing people to “share life as it happens.” It’s essentially Facebook’s version of Snapchat’s Stories feature.

Facebook’s Slingshot team said that rather than adding features to the app, it instead made an effort to remove them, creating what it feels is a cleaner and simpler experience. In the new Slingshot, you can easily share fullscreen photos and looping videos, and even see a grid of the most recent content from the past day. “We’ve also made it easier than ever to move between shots, reactions, people and the camera with our new swipeable tab design” the Slingshot team explained.

Users can also reply to any shot with a private photo and video, using filters, drawings and captions for more “creative conversations.” By default, shots shared will disappear in 24 hours, though you can also choose to send them out to services like Instagram and Twitter if you want them to live on forever.

When Slingshot initially launched over the summer, it required users to send something to a friend in order to see a photo or video they had sent you. It seemed like a neat idea at first, but users quickly became annoyed by the “create to consume” model. Snapchat still reigns supreme.

The new Slingshot is available for the iPhone running iOS 7 and up, while Android users running Jelly Bean and up can also get in on the action.