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Facebook’s New Stickered App Now Available for iOS

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Facebook knows you love its digital stickers, or if you don’t you probably know someone who can’t resist peppering your conversations with cartoon images. So now, the company is bringing its stand-alone Stickered for Messenger app to iOS devices after launching on Android last week.

The app itself is pretty simple. It’s basically a photo editor that lets you slap those same cartoonish stickers onto your own photos and then send them to friends over Facebook Messenger. Launching Stickered immediately opens the camera, and you can add stickers before or after you snap a photo. Once you’re all set, just hit the prominent Messenger icon and pick someone from a list of friends.

Facebook notes that the new app is a “lightweight” product from the Creative Labs division behind recent efforts like Rooms and Slingshot. Unlike those apps, however, Stickered may come with a built-in expiration date. The company says it will be “available over the holidays,” suggesting it could disappear early next year.

Whether that happens likely depends on public response as much as anything else, and provides Facebook with a nice backup plan in case Stickered turns out to be another flop. For now, you can check out the new app for yourself on iOS, or head to Google Play if you missed the official Android launch on Friday.