Galaxy S5 Running Android 5.0 Lollipop Appears in New Video

The Android community has long maligned Samsung’s TouchWiz. It can often be sluggish, and it’s by no means the prettiest software out there. Sure, it adds some really cool features, but by and large it’s not often considered the best skin in the Android market.

That could change, however, with a Material Design-inspired update in the coming weeks. We’ve seen some early glimpses of what a Galaxy S5 will look like running Android L, and a new video provided by SamMobile shows the combination of TouchWiz and Lollipop in action. Samsung is definitely trying its hardest to maintain the familiarity of TouchWiz, though there are some obvious traces of Lollipop lurking.

SamMobile’s video shows off apps such as the Calculator, Dialer, Gallery, Messages, and more—all of which have received some Material Design love. Of course, the software is still easily identifiable as TouchWiz, which is either good or bad depending on your view. A lot of what the video shows off looks like a healthy mix between Material Design and what we saw on the Galaxy Note 4.

It’s still not quite as beautiful as vanilla Android, but it’s slowly improving. SamMobile says the official Lollipop build for the Galaxy S5 should be available in December.