Game of Thrones Launch Trailer – When Telltale Games Flayed a Man Alive

When you think Telltale Games, one of two images comes to mind: happy fun times with legendary comedic characters like Guybrush Threepwood and even Marty McFly or it’s darker side. This is the one which makes masterpieces like The Walking Dead franchise and now apparently Game of Thrones. And you thought watching humans get chewed on by zombies was rough, wait until you see Telltale remove a living man of his skin!

It ain’t going to be pretty.

Those used to the violence of the television show should already expect the torture method to take place. It is a practice in the kingdoms of Westeros despite being illegal, and it is typically saved for only the most despicable and loathsome criminals. Some poor soul gets it in this launch trailer if only for a brief instance. I wonder how much Telltale is planning to show.

The trailer sets up a situation in which our protagonist, a member of House Forrester, confronts the Lannisters in the Iron Throne room. From there, it’s the usual helping of political dialogue montaged against the television show’s relentless settings of steel, swords, and cold faces and unapologetic violence. I could barely handle The Walking Dead in some places, but I really think that Telltale is going to have to dig into some dark areas of its collective brain to do this any justice.

Game of Thrones launches today on PC and PlayStation, tomorrow on Xbox, and Thursday on iOS. Man I gotta catch up on the show, so I can play this game.

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