Google Promises A Ton of New Features Are Coming To Inbox

Google’s new Inbox email project is just the beginning, with members of the team on Wednesday saying some big changes are on the horizon. The new project is designed to provide a more visual email experience designed around cards and Google Now-like technology. We did a hands-on when it first launched, and came away really impressed. It’s certainly rough around the edges, though Google promises improvements are on the way.

First and foremost, Google says that it hopes to one day have feature parity with the existing Gmail experience, though a timeline for when that will happen is currently unclear. A feature like a unified Inbox, for example, is being planned, though Google didn’t share when it’ll actually be updated. Another big feature would be support for Inbox using Google Apps (rather than your standard Gmail address), which could be helpful for businesses.

Digging through the entire AMA, Google has its eye on a lot of new features, which will hopefully come sooner rather than later. Stuff like an “undo send” tool, Google Drive integration, tablet apps, improved calendar integration and much more. If you’re a big Inbox user, many big features are on the way. Unfortunately, Google didn’t really say when a lot of these improvements will go live, so it seem Inbox will remain an invite-only experiment for now.