Google Wallet Updated With Auto-Refills, Low-Balance Alerts

Apple Pay may still be grabbing a lot of headlines as it continues to roll out around the United States, but Google Wallet was there first and, now, it’s being updated with several new features that users should appreciate. Google recently announced that it’s adding some requested options that should make the experience easier to manage, particularly for folks who have their Google Wallet connected directly to a bank account.

First, Google added a new option to reload an account with cash directly from a bank account. So, if you’re not using a debit or credit card with the service, and instead opt to use Google’s own card, you can have Google Wallet automatically top it up at certain times. “Simply schedule a recurring transfer from your bank account right into your Wallet Balance, and never worry about adding money to your Wallet Balance again,” Google says users can schedule refills weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and doesn’t charge any fees for the service while monitoring all transactions for fraud.

Google also added a new low balance alert, which notifies you when your Google Wallet Balance hits a certain level. The amount is customizable, so you can receive an alert when your balance falls below $100 or, if you prefer, below $5 – it’s up to you. This is particularly useful for folks who use Google Wallet to transfer money to other wallet owners, or who have it tied to a Google Play account for making purchases. The update is available in both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store now.