Guardians of the Galaxy Mixtape Will Be Released on Limited Edition Cassette

Guardians of the Galaxy was charming throughout, but what really made it special was all the references to 80s pop culture. One of the best parts of the film was when Peter Quill was sitting in The Milano and popped in his Awesome Mix Vol. 1 cassette tape. The songs on it couldn’t have been more out of place in the context of a space opera, but they managed to complement the movie perfectly. Hooked on a Feeling; Moorage Daydream; I Want You Back. All classics.

While the soundtrack has been available in a variety of ways since the movie’s release, a limited edition cassette is set to hit ahead of the movie’s Blu-ray release on Dec. 9. The tape itself plays a big role in the film and, fittingly, the real-life version will be an exact replica of the movie prop, complete with a song list and weathered look. Folks who buy the cassette will also get access to a digital download. If you’re a die-hard collector, you’ll definitely want to track one down when it hits select record stores on Nov. 28.

It’s unclear how many copies will be produced (Billboard also doesn’t reveal price), but you can bet they’ll sell quick. Even if you do manage to track one down, the challenge will definitely be finding an actual cassette player. Still, the point is to own part of the movie, so folks who purchase it probably won’t mind that it’ll just be a nice prop on a shelf.