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Instagram Update Finally Lets You Edit Captions

About a year ago, Facebook decided it should let you edit your status updates after they were published. Now, Instagram is getting the same option with a mobile update that also adds a few other features and improvements

Instagram says the ability to edit photo captions is one of the top requests it gets. We’re not surprised. We’ve all experienced the frustration of publishing a typo and then being unable to fix it without deleting the entire thing and starting from scratch. Now there’s a simple solution; just tap the options button, then tap Edit and you’re good to go.

The update also features a fresh way to discover new accounts. Tap the search tab in the updated app and you’ll see two different options: Photos and People. Photos is the same grid of popular pictures you’re used to, but People offers a list of interesting accounts with three photos appearing beneath each name. This is a good place to start if you’re looking for new people to follow.

Instagram also updated the icons that run along the bottom of the app to be more intuitive. Specifically, Search is now a magnifying glass, while tapping on the outline of a person will bring up your own account. Finally, the update promises quicker search results with “typeahead,” which is a predictive typing feature.

The new Instagram is available now for iOS and Android. It should update automatically, but you can head to your respective app store via the source links below to jumpstart the process.