Latest Windows 10 Leak Reveals Cortana Integration, New Xbox App


Another pre-release Windows 10 build has leaked out, revealing a number of new features that Microsoft is reportedly planning to announce in January. In addition to the long-awaited Cortana integration, there’s a brand new Xbox app.

This release comes with build number 9901, and is a consumer preview of Windows 10, The Verge reports. Recent leaks have already confirmed that Cortana will be baked into Windows 10, but this preview reveals how exactly it will work.

The digital assistant will be integrated into Windows’ existing search function, and it will respond to both voice and text commands. Cortana for Windows 10 is essentially the same as the Windows Phone version, working with things like your calendar, notebooks, and reminders — so you’ll be able to use it schedule appointments, add new notes, and find snippets of information on the fly.

It’s worth noting, however, that this is a very early look at Cortana inside Windows 10, so there’s a high possibility various things could change before the software is ready for its retail debut late next year.

Perhaps more exciting than Cortana — for gamers, at least — is a new Xbox app, which “appears to act as a gateway to the entire Xbox ecosystem,” The Verge says. Users will be able to see the achievements they’ve earned, access their friends list and see activity feeds, and even make purchases from Xbox stores.

It’s thought the Xbox app may also offer SmartGlass integration later on, but again, this is a very early preview, so it’s nowhere near done just yet.

This Windows 10 build also includes changes to the Charms bar and Control Panel, and new animations in the TaskView switcher. Microsoft is expected to unveil these changes and new features, and release its first Windows 10 consumer preview at an event January.