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Major App Developers Are Very Excited About the Potential of Apple Watch

The Apple Watch right now is a promise, a carefully spun idea that the iPhone maker says will change the landscape of wearables. But without a tangible product to mess around with, we’re in no position to determine if the device will indeed create a smartwatch revolution. Even despite an uncertain future, developers are incredibly excited about the possibilities, and believe the Cupertino company is just beginning to scratch the surface.

In a lengthy post over at Cult of Mac, developers beam about Apple’s unproven watch, and seem very optimistic about the device’s future. Big developers like AgileBites (creator of 1Password), and 6Wunderkinder (creator of Wunderlist). With the watch’s potential release still three to five months away, some big players are already dreaming up some intriguing ideas. It’s this kind of enthusiasm that could make or break Apple’s next big thing.

“There’s this natural extension of the device experience people have been itching for, and I think this is that next step,” said AgileBits’ David Chartier about the Apple Watch.

Apple just recently released WatchKit, which means developers have plenty of time to build out experiences for the device’s eventual launch. They could be anything from easier 1Password login to health apps, reminder apps, etc. As for 1Password in particular, Chartier remarked that the Apple watch app “could benefit from having sensitive data, like logins or a Social Security number, readily available on the wrist.”

As of now, developers are limited in what they can create, with Apple saying full-blown, native apps won’t be possible until later in 2015. When Apple Watch does launch, users can expect an experience that’s more of an extension of what’s available for the iPhone. In fact, Apple’s own documentation clearly says that, in the beginning, a Watch app will merely complement an iOS app, not replace it. Still, developers are still impressed by what WatchKit allows.

“What [Apple has] provided in terms of WatchKit is really rich,” Michael Simmons, co-founder of Flexibits, told Cult of Mac. “It’s nice to have a new product coming that you can actually design for without having to guesstimate.”

Although experiences like Pebble and Android Wear are already available, the smartwatch market is very much for the taking, and it sounds like a lot of big developers are already dreaming up how they can take advantage of Apple’s new tech. Of course, we won’t know whether or not the device will be any good until it launches sometime early next year, but one thing’s for sure: developer excitement seems high at the moment, which Apple will need in order for its wearable to become a success.