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Microsoft Stops Providing Windows 7 to OEMs

Windows 8 has been available since October of 2012 but the older Windows 7 release is still going strong. In fact, if you look around online, you’ll still be able to find a new computer running Windows 7 or Windows 7 Professional. Starting today, however, the former version is officially on its last legs as Microsoft stops selling the software to computer-makers.

The only exception to the rule is Windows 7 Professional, which will apparently still be sold to OEM partners; Microsoft’s lifecycle page currently says that an end-date for that is “not yet established.” Basically, this means that whatever Windows 7 PCs are still in stock are pretty much the last of their dying breed. Hopefully you like Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, or have an older copy of Windows to install on your new machine manually.

Of course, there’s really nothing wrong with Windows 8. It’s a pretty solid operating system and Microsoft fixed a lot of big issues with its Windows 8.1 update. Finally, there’s always Windows 10 to look forward to, which will put a renewed focus on mouse and keyboard support, brings back the start menu, delivers virtual desktop functionality and more. Still, Windows 10 isn’t due out until later next year, so snatch up a Windows 7 computer before they’re all gone, or get used to Windows 8.1.