Microsoft is streamlining its Windows 10 updates

Microsoft has announced plans to streamline its Windows 10 updates with the new Unified Update Platform. UUP cuts upgrade file sizes by around a third to make them faster to download, and it will first be available with the Creators Update next spring.

The Windows 10 updates you see regularly aren’t typically that big. They often download in the background and you don’t even notice. But bigger releases like the Anniversary Update that was rolled out this summer are much larger, taking longer to download.

The Creators Update that’s coming in spring 2017 will also be large, but Microsoft says the download will be around 35 percent smaller than normal thanks to UUP. It works in much the same way as app updates on Android and iOS.

Instead of downloading the entire update, your computer is able to grab only the changes it requires. Assuming your PC is always up to date, your download will be a lot smaller than that of someone who hasn’t updated in three months.

“As we move to UUP, we are reducing the update data sent to client devices as well as the amount of processing we are doing on devices,” explains Bill Karagounis, Director of Program Management, Windows Insider Program.

UUP isn’t just for PCs

UUP won’t just be available to desktop PCs, but also tablets, smartphones, IoT devices, and even HoloLens. UUP will first be available to Windows Insider on mobile devices soon, then it will rollout to PC testers later this year, Microsoft says.

UUP is a blessing for those who have slow internet connections or restricted usage plans. Microsoft is also working on making Windows 10 more efficient when it comes to checking for new updates.