Minecraft for Xbox 360 Getting Physical Retail Edition

Minecraft has been selling like absolute gangbusters on the Xbox 360. It’s brought in millions for Microsoft, 4J Studios and Mojang.

In it’s current form, though, it’s only available as a digital download. However, that’s going to change at the end of April as Minecraft is getting a physical retail edition.

The news comes by way of PlayXBLA, the official Xbox LIVE Arcade blog. Here’s the skinny on what the retail version is:

This version of “Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition” will contain all the same features and content included in the current version, as well as the new additions coming soon in the ninth title update to the game.

The post goes on to indicate that the retail version will sell for $19.99, and it will be available in the US on April 30th, 2013.

Whether you’re a collector or you’ve never connected your Xbox 360 to the internet (those people exist, I promise), this version of Minecraft seems pretty neat.