Minecraft Gets a Festive Mash-Up DLC Pack – New Skins, Textures and Music

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Now that Microsoft is in full control of Minecraft, it looks like they’re starting to show their hand for how they intend to make truckloads of money off of this thing. Beyond just selling the game, they’re rolling out cheap content packs.

This one we have today is the Festive Mash-Up Pack. It’s actually a solid deal, too. For $2.99, gamers can add some holiday themed stuff to their virtual worlds. That includes 36 new skins, a holiday-themed texture pack and brand new music from C418.

As for timing? The Festive Mash-Up Pack is out today for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Of course Microsoft would lead with those platforms. It will hit other platforms “soon,” according to the Xbox Wire.

So, what do you think? Three bucks for a pile of skins, a holiday texture pack and some new tunes? That doesn’t seem too far-fetched in my opinion. I imagine Microsoft is happy with it.