Netatmo Welcome Is A Smart Home Camera That Recognizes Your Family

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A new connected product from Netatmo, called Welcome, can identify who passes through your house throughout the day. Sounds odd, but the face recognition technology means you have a better idea of what’s going on in your home while you’re away. It’s not unusual to see your wife coming home at 5 p.m. after work. But wait, who is that guy with her? Welcome will alert you when it doesn’t recognize a face.

The device’s camera comes with a 130 degree field of view, with a body that’s made of anodized aluminum in a neat tube-shaped design; it doesn’t stand out, and can easily fit on any shelf or end table without messing up your Feng Shui. The device’s camera is capable of learning and identifying family members by their name, letting users known instantly when (and who) is home. It sounds a little invasive, but consider these scenarios: a parent getting a notification when their young child gets home after school, or reassuring users that care for an elderly individual.

“Welcome addresses two major consumer needs: to know when their loved ones are home and to be aware if a stranger breaks into their residence,” said Fredd Potter, CEO and Founder of Netatmo. “Welcome brings piece of mind to all family members.”

Privacy settings are fully customizable, so you can decide which family members you receive notifications from (or even if you want to store footage or not). Recorded videos and identification data is stored on Welcome’s local SD card, with nothing sent to the cloud; it also means users don’t need to pay any extra fees or subscriptions. Furthermore, Netatmo says access to the camera from a user’s smartphone is “secured by a bank-level encrypted connection.”

When it releases during Q2 2015, Welcome will be compatible with both iOS and Android devices; no pricing is available at the moment.