Netflix Changes Public API, Makes it Harder to See When Content Expires

Netflix has an ebb and flow that’s constantly purging and adding content. We saw it happen recently, and we’ll continue to see it throughout the months and years. When content is taken down, you used to be able to check sites such as and see the exact date a movie like Big Daddy was no longer available. I say “used to” because Netflix changed its public API on Monday, making it much more difficult to see when something will expire.

Netflix explained the changes are a result of the often inaccurate API in the first place. But even though you won’t be able to check expiration dates through third-parties, Netflix still makes the information readily available in a movie or TV show’s title page. It’s not as convenient as seeing a nice curated list of what is and isn’t available, so the changes will likely miff a few people who relied on InstantWatcher and other third-party sites.