New Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Steve Jobs Released


We’re still waiting to see how the Steve Jobs biopic will turn out, but in the meantime a new short video will give you a look behind the scenes during some of Apple’s most turbulent times. Produced by the BBC, the video offers a look at Jobs both before and after he was fired from the company he helped launch, along with his triumphant return in 1996.

The images all come from photographer Doug Menuez, whose book, Fearless Genius, offers a closer look at Jobs along with over 70 other Silicon Valley innovators. One photo in the video below show Apple’s founder deep in thought, while a second depicts a meeting where he pitched businessman Ross Perot to invest in Apple early on.

If you’re interested in picking up the book it’s available on Amazon as a hardcover for $27 or on your Kindle for $20. If not you can still check out the video below.