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New Star Wars Trailer Gets the ‘George Lucas’ Treatment in this Parody

By now, you’ve most likely seen the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer about a hundred times and dissected every frame to determine if you are interested in seeing it or not. My take is that it looks fantastic, but it breaks my heart to see the Millennium Falcon subjected to such modern Hollywood “swirly camera” movements. It’s a minor complaint though, and it could be a lot worse.

Like this…

YouTube user timtimfed has uploaded the absolute best spoof of the trailer you’ll ever see. What if Star Wars: The Force Awakens was left in the hands of none other than Mr. George Lucas himself? Naturally, every last drop of nerd rage and humor aimed at Star Wars since 1997 is brought to life with the new visuals.

New digital effects and out of place characters, a digital Sy Snootles and Jabba the Hutt, digital Jango Fett clones, digital head re-positioning to dodge incoming lasers, and the Millennium Falcon taking on an entire fleet of digital TIE Fighters. Sadly, they were unable to visualize digital trade negotiations, but they don’t forget to mention it .

You get the idea. Lots and lots of needless digital additions. The trailer’s tagline even quotes the infamous words from the prequel trilogy producer Rick McCallum: “It’s so dense.”

Suddenly, the twirly camera movements don’t seem so bad. Maybe I’ll stop being skeptical and appreciate the fact that Star Wars actually looks like Star Wars again.