OnePlus Takes a Hard Look at Verizon Compatibility

OnePlus and Verizon might be paired up later this year. While the nation’s largest carrier isn’t expected to sell the OnePlus 6T, the necessary bands could be included that allow the flagship device to work properly on the network. Tests are underway for the OnePlus 6T on Verizon’s network, according to PC Magazine. Multiple sources have stated something similar.

It would be the first smartphone from OnePlus to be fully compatible on a CDMA network. So far, the brand has limited its bands to those for GSM networks.

The difference today is that Verizon started accepting LTE-only smartphones that don’t need to connect to 3G and 2G networks. In fact, Big Red stopped activating 3G-enabled devices over the summer. Verizon plans on shutting down that network in late 2019, letting its resources go to maintaining the 4G LTE network and developing a new 5G network.

Don’t worry, though. OnePlus’ latest flagship will still be sold direct-to-consumer through its online store. That’s how OnePlus has been able to tightly control its software. Around the world, carriers are given little-to-no input on its decisions.

Elsewhere, the OnePlus 6T should be sold by T-Mobile. CNET reported back in August that OnePlus and T-Mobile reached an agreement for exclusive U.S. availability. It’ll be sold unlocked in the U.S., but anyone with Team Magenta can also take advantage of payment plans and promotions.

As for the global debut, OnePlus will make an announcement in two weeks. We’ll see the OnePlus 6T go official on Tuesday, October 30. Expect the price, release date, and distribution to be clarified as well.